The Bird Symphony: a composed symphony of birdsong samples

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Rhythm cut.

Surround Sound cut.

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A #BirdSymphony in nature rivals music's best composers.

This Bird Symphony will be an orchestrated arrangement of actual birdsong samples played back with rhythm and melody.

Have you ever listened to birds and noticed that their songs have rhythm? Bird calls and songs do have micro-melodies and rhythms.

  • Have you then wondered what it would sound like if all the birds synchronized their rhythms?
  • How do all the birds of a particular area sound when their melodies and rhythms are blended according to the rules of music?

Imagine the perfect bird symphony. Now imagine it just a little more organized.

While nature is quite perfect in her natural song,
sometimes her symphony doesn't last that long.

This project aims to improve on nature's perfection by mapping birdsongs to a piano keyboard and using music editing and surround sound software.

The orchestration will feature beautiful bird voices in their environment, with attention to the nuances of sounds in nature--location, distance, entrainment, melodies and harmonies.

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Updated Spring, 2014